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Nonprofit Workforce Planning

With over 30 years of experience in the workforce planning and total rewards arena, ICONIC Rewards can provide your organization with quality consulting services related to your workforce planning and development activities.


But unlike most consulting firms which charge you significant fees and leave you in a position to return for future services, our approach is to mentor designated organization staff members, allowing for important knowledge transfer and skill development for reducing future consulting expenses.

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Nonprofit organizations are continuously under the unique pressure of having to grow their services in ways similar to for-profit companies, but under the unique restrictions of controlled funding, often demanding strict adherence to funding utilization requirements. This places even more emphasis on optimizing workforce planning to ensure the most efficient use of workforce costs and the highest level of employee attraction and retention. Yet at the same time these funding restrictions cause roadblocks for organizations to either recruit for or develop the necessary internal skill sets for conducting such planning activities.

This is where ICONIC Rewards can help. Our expertise in workforce planning and employee total rewards programs allows us to quickly and effectively work with your team to assess your current workforce planning effectiveness so that you can identify those priorities you want to focus on for more effectively strengthening your workforce productivity and grow your internal workforce planning capabilities. We offer organizations reusable Microsoft based tools designed to deliver a comprehensive, streamlined approach to the workforce planning process.

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The Process is
the Key!

Many workforce planning strategies are highly effective at identifying potential long-term goals to deliver on your organization's very important mission. Most plans, however, never achieve these goals, often derailed due to lack of assessment of market and workforce dynamics roadblocks that can significantly impede progress. ICONIC Rewards eight step strategic workforce planning process provides you both the tools and guidance required to develop a robust and comprehensive workforce planning capability!

Our Microsoft based tools will provide you with a comprehensive method for identifying those jobs that are highly impactful within your organization, followed by a detailed workforce inventory and assessment of any skill gaps that may exist. These two process outcomes are then followed by a vital assessment of both workforce and market dynamics, identifying critical priorities that should be addressed to minimize impediments to achieving your organization's long-term mission. The end result; a final strategic plan to deliver to your Board that has a signifiantly improved probability of success!

ICONIC Rewards also believes in giving back to the community. Not sure about the need for consulting services, but still believe you may have workforce planning deficiencies?  ICONIC Rewards will be happy to provide you with a free consultative discussion. The listen to your concerns and to provide you with suggested courses of action you can take to address your issues.




Mentoring and Knowledge Transfer

Hiring a consulting firm to assess your organization's workforce planning activities and reward and recognition programs can be very expensive. This becomes even more challenging for a nonprofit organization, as conducting ongoing assessments becomes a necessity to ensure your organization's workforce capability is developed and maintained.

Much can be accomplished internally if only internal staff members can acquire the skills and knowledge required to successfully manage this critical business process on an ongoing basis. 

workforce planning consultation

Here's where ICONIC Rewards becomes your strategic partner. Unlike most consulting firms, our goal is to affect important skills transfer to identified members of your team, enabling them to manage future workforce planning and employee program assessments, conduct detailed analyses themselves and provide future project management capability, either eliminating the need for outside consultants entirely or directing them on a more limited engagement for reduced project costs. We teach you how to develop and implement workforce solutions that are cultivated to fit your mission and goals, short and long-term, fiscally and structurally, with the ability to assimilate with change and growth over time, all while addressing identified workforce obstacles that can potentially inhibit success.

At ICONIC Rewards, we define our success with one criteria; our client's ability to independently achieve excellence at the workforce planning process!


Ongoing support


Knowledge Retention Reinforcement

The key to mentoring and effective knowledge transfer is the support provided once the skills transfer is completed.


Retaining gained knowledge can be challenged once projects are completed. In addition, unanticipated questions arising post project can occur, leaving newly trained employees unsure or unaware of the most effective approaches or solutions.

workforce planning support

ICONIC Rewards ensures a more seamless transition during these post-project periods by providing  ongoing project "maintenance consulting" for a set period of time. The length of this support is determined by company leadership based on an assessment of the mentored internal team. Our mission is to ensure your long-term retention of acquired analytical skills and project management capabilities to meet future program competitive assessment requirements.


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