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Workforce Planning Market Trends

An effective workforce planning strategy for nonprofit organizations is so much more critical in in today's environment due to the existence of low unemployment and an extremely tight labor market. Quality talent is now harder to secure as employees, after years of waiting on the sidelines, now can be very selective in the jobs they wish to aspire to.


This places extreme pressure on all organizations, including nonprofits, to become more  creative and leading-edge in the workforce policies and programs it offers its employees. Iconic Rewards assists by providing in-depth analyses of market trends and a competitive assessment of your organization's programs and policies, both critical in developing a robust strategic workforce plan for achieving your organization's mission.

Feel free to access a segment of our report on 2022 workforce planning priorities for nonprofits below.

workforce planning market analyses

ICONIC Rewards conducts regular analyses of the market to assess workforce and talent management trends within the nonprofit industry.  Above is a link to our most recent consolidation of marketplace trends in talent management for nonprofit organizations. This information, consolidated from available survey sources on the Internet, should provide you with a more thorough understanding of strategic directions nonprofit organizations are planning to better secure top talent. ICONIC Rewards can also assist you in more organization specific studies to determine the competitiveness of your compensation, benefits and HR policies.  Hopefully you find the above information beneficial.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to call or fill out the information below to schedule a conversation.   

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