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Performance Management

Effective performance management is vital for long-term sustainable success for every organization. Assessing employee performance against goals, identifying areas of improvement and planning for employee skill development and career progression are what drive continuous improvement for company processes, profitability and employee retention. What adds complexity to these programs is the need for companies to understand and incorporate generational workplace expectations into their workforce management practices.

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From a workforce standpoint, for profit and nonprofit organizations alike are experiencing a fundamental shift in generational expectations surrounding the employee/company relationship. The longer service, assimilating behaviors companies expected from the Baby Boomer and Gen X generations are quickly being supplanted by Gen Y and Gen Z preferences for accelerated skill development, workplace flexibility and empowerment. Newer  workplace dynamics require companies to quickly evolve their employment practices to maximize employee engagement.

One of the ongoing drawbacks to performance management has been the continued focus on  "categorizing" employees. No matter the combination of ratings, categories have  been a source of consternation for employees, with perceived and expected outcomes often in conflict with rating "distributions" expected or targeted by companies. Ratingless performance management can play a key role in this evolution through its focus on skill and career development and their linkage to effective reward systems, increasing a company’s potential for sustainable productivity! Tom Stypulkoski's new book, "Ratingless Performance Management - Innovative Change to Minimize Human Behavior Roadblocks" provides you with key insights on how a ratingless system can be designed to improve a company's potential to optimize workforce management performance.   

The book is available in both paperback and eBook and will launch on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for delivery on May 1. Don't miss the presale happening now! 

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The introduction of performance categories has caused ongoing consternation for performance management professionals and senior business leaders for decades. This issue with performance ratings is straightforward; people immensely dislike being categorized unless they are viewed as one of the top performers! Communicating to employees who think they are "above average" that they are "solid performers" is just as difficult as communicating to someone they are a poor performer. This makes performance management conversations uncomfortable and stressful for employees and their managers alike!  

What is needed is a comprehensive and innovative shift in focus from segmented performance discussions and categorization to more fluid goal achievement and career development discussions absent categorizations.  With the effective use of both creative automation and strategic project management, implementation of an innovative "ratingless" performance management system to help drive company productivity and workforce development is now achievable! "Ratingless Performance Management" provides a hands-on guide for accomplishing this in your organization.


"I’ve seen first-hand the challenges of managing the Performance Management Process.  This book provides a detailed example of how a company can create the elusive “ratingless” performance review and avoid some of the most common pain points.  It includes an end-to-end roadmap describing how to design and implement the process, including a comprehensive roll out plan with realistic timelines.  I really like the suggested use of Subject Matter Experts, blending HR professionals with trained representatives from the organization."

- Lesley Billow, Senior HR Leader 

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